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Very pleased an impressed by Nikki's professionalism. My exam was thorough. Glad she did not try to sell me on anything I did not need, especially since I did not need anything. I would recommend Nikki and return if I have the need.
Bill Smythe, on Google+
My name is Eva and my experience at Ascent Audiology & Hearing could not have been better. My hearing was devastated by an illness I had a couple of years ago. I knew I needed hearing aids and was a bit frightened of getting tested and getting the correct hearing aids and not knowing how it would all turn out. Well, after the first visit getting a free hearing test by Nikki Kopetzky, Doctor of audiology with 20 years experience and a very extensive medical background, I knew I made the right choice. The doctor put me at ease right away, the testing was easy and thorough. Everything I needed to know was explained completely to my understanding. The doctor put me in a pair of hearing aids I needed and would be best for me. It was clear she was only interested in getting me in the proper aids and she did that perfectly. I got my new hearing aids and they were exactly what I needed and work beautifully with no problems. They are basically invisible. I was able to hear better and clearer then I've been able to for years. And at half the price I thought I would have to pay for the newest technology. The hearing aids were also a top brand , " Starkey". I would not recommend going anywhere else for your hearing needs and hearing aids even if they were giving the hearing aids out for free. Believe me, you will be very pleased choosing Ascent Audiology & Hearing.
craig temczuk, on Google+
Excellent service from the time that I talked with them on the phone and went in to my appt with Dr kopezky. She is very professional, knowledgeable, respectful, honest informative kind person I highly recommend her as you will not be disappointed in any way. Thank you Nikki things have gotten better with managing my tinnitus.
James MacMillan, on Google+
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kopetzky last spring during my appointment. She was thorough and professional. I have hearing loss in both ears but one ear has a much greater loss than the other. With her knowledge of the latest technology she showed me crossover aids which were perfect for me situation. She not only introduced me to these types of aids but she also suggested I check with the Veterans Administration about my particular hearing loss thus giving up a potential sale! I highly recommend Nikki and her staff for you and your family’s audiology needs.
Ron Schinkel, on Google+
Being a lifelong hearing aid user, I could not be happier with Nikki. She is very experienced, knew exactly how to fix my issues, and has a great personality. I strongly recommend Ascent for anyone needing hearing help.
Jon Pesce, on Google+

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